10 Ways To Find Your “Me Time”

You do need to have your entire day at the spa in order to get some time for yourself, you can as well just take even a minute of your busy schedule to have some time by yourself, you should always find some little time daily so that you can relax as well as recharge, here are some of the ways which you can find some ‘me time’.

Unplug yourself from any type of electronic, you should also stay away from social media, emails as well as phone calls, with this, you will be in a potion to find some time or yourself, you can, therefore, opt to read some books, take a walk or even daydream.


You can as well make or create things, you do not have to do it perfectly, and should as well not plan it, and these creations might involve cake baking, coloring a book, writing or even sculpting.

Taking a bath is one of the ultimate me time, you can as well enjoy your bath by playing your favorite songs and relax your mind as you enjoy your warm bath.

Create some time for yourself by getting in the bed and stay comfy under your covers, this should be your time to get proper rest and enjoy the softness of your duvet.

You can also opt to watch television and to enjoy this, you must only watch what you love but have never found a perfect time to watch it. You should, therefore, let loose and enjoy yourself.


Commit yourself to do your hobby if you have a hobby that you never find a chance to indulge yourself in, create some twenty minutes and get that fulfillment.

Spare at least one or two hours in a week and learn something that you have always wanted to learn, this can be cooking, a new language or even basket weaving. You can choose to attend these classes alone or with your friends with the same interest.

Meditate, attend a yoga class and find time to meditate, you can go to the gym and do some workouts; you should make this a routine because your health is very important and by exercising, your health becomes better by the days.

Get time to put your feelings, stress, dream or any ideas you have down on a book, do not shy away from putting down anything that comes to your mind, you do not have to do this on a regular basis, it should be one time thing, always walk around with that notebook so that anytime you feel bored or anxious, you can easily access it.

Call the family member or that friend who you miss so much and have fun together, you can indulge yourselves in chatting about anything and everything, after doing this, it is certain that you will end up feeling fulfilled.

Getting some time for yourself is the best thing you can ever do to yourself, this should help you in breaking the monotony of your daily routines and help you feel better.