How Do I Identify My Childs Talents

Every parent wants his or her child to be successful. Fortunately, you do not need expertise or any skills to tell what activities sparks your child imagination, attention, and excites them the most. These activities which your child practices without being guided or told are his hidden talent. The only task you have is just to observe.

In this website we will discuss the following ways which can help you identify your child’s talents. They are as follows;

Watch him/her play

Does your kid engage in a group play or solo play? Does your kid sit quietly or run around? Watching your kid play will help you discover his or her talent. The items he uses to play with can clearly help you have a good idea of the talent he has.

Give your child real choices


Parenting is one of the hardest jobs considering that it has no holiday. However, to identify your child’s talent, you need to give them real choices. For example, ask him to sign up for a piano lesson or sign up for a soccer club. Depending on his interests, the child will pick the one which excites him the most. However, do not run him out of options, expose him to a wide range of activities. Whatever grabs his attention that is what he is talented in.

Validate your Child Interests

Some parents’ picture child success as academic excellence and hence translate playing video games or listen to music as a waste of time. However, your child talent may be into animations, graphics, problem-solving, or storytelling. Therefore, instead of criticizing what your child interests, starts to validate them.

Start to compliment your child interest with statements such as “wow, I have noticed you love dancing……and you are very good at it”. This quencher is the desire to that interest and loves to perfect on it.

Encourage Expression

If your child comes out of school and pulls out his notebook and starts doing all assignment they were given, you will be thrilled as a parent. What if he pulls out the notebook and starts to draw cartoons or writing stories? This is a clear indication that your child is an artist. If he creates puzzles all through his study time, then he is a problem solver. All his expression is the best way to identify his talent.


Spending quality time with your child can easily help you identify his or her talent. Seeing how they talk or how they play can really help you identify their talent. Your child interest is his or her major talent.