How Much Water Do Misting Systems Use

Misting systems are a must-have when the drought season starts. An efficient misting system offers effective cooling mechanisms in the hottest times of summer. You will not worry about simmering heat in your backyard.

If you’re looking to install a misting system, it is advisable to go for the patio misting system. It is efficient and offers the services you’re likely to need during the hottest times of the year. It has four applications- outdoor cooling, odor control, special effects, and dust control in times of drought.

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The question frequently asked regarding misting systems is how much water they use in their operations. In this article, I will look at how much water is used by an efficient misting system.

How much water is required

The amount required for a misting system to operate efficiently depends on a few factors. On average, however, the nozzles release water at a rate of 600-800ml/ minute.

For a precise estimation, there are two things you should know.

• Water pressure in the system

High-pressure systems produce small droplets of water, offering incredible cooling effects. However, they require large amounts of water to create these tiny droplets. Low-pressure systems produce large droplets but require much less water.

• Nozzle type

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The water pressure dramatically influences the capacity of the nozzle opening will. The nozzle will release more water droplets under high pressure, and the vice versa is true. Therefore if the pressure is high, the system will require nozzles with small openings. The vice versa applies. Selecting the right nozzle will ensure the efficient working of the system.

• The number of nozzles

Water passes through nozzles in the system. The more the injectors, the more water required for the operation.

With that in mind, you can control the amount of water used by your misting system. When the water pressure is known, then choosing the right nozzle will determine the amount of water used. The amount of time the misting system is operational also has a significant influence on the volume of water released.


The standard rate of a misting system is one gallon of water per hour per nozzle. If the system has six nozzles, it is, therefore, six gallons of water per hour. If the system is turned on for five hours, it will consequently use 30 gallons of water. Converting gallons to liters translates to 113 liters for five hours.

It is essential to keep the above in mind when purchasing a misting system to use for the hot season. For a truly incredible cooling effect, an efficient misting system will come in handy.