Photoshop Vs Lightroom? Which One Is Easier To Use

Photoshop is a software designed by Adobe system Inc for photo editing. As one of the leading editing software it allows you to color correct, crop, resize and add effects on digital images. This part of the Adobe suit is mostly used by graphic designers and professional photographers.

Lightroom is also created by the Adobe system Inc for windows and MacOs for image organization and manipulation. Lightroom enables a person to view, edit and organize a lot of digital images. Images edited with Lightroom are not destructive.

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Lightroom is mainly a software for image management and editing. It is specially designed to work perfectly with large numbers of images.


It enables the photographer or graphics designer to a flow of how their images get imported, then sorted and organized, and there after processed and eventually exported and at that juncture they are ready to be shared to anywhere.

Lightroom is a lot like Photoshop but it does have its distinctive features which are;

• The ability to process raw files

Lightroom has the Adobe Camera Raw engine incorporated in it. This engine is similar to those in Photoshop and Bridge and the only difference is the interface it is offered in.

The adjustment brush makes it possible to apply the burning effects, to sharpen, crop, add vignettes and also to add split toning. One can also change exposure, contrast, saturation, and other settings fast.

• Presets

Presets are also found on Photoshop but the difference is in how they function. In Photoshop the presets save the order in which the photo should be processed. In Lightroom the presets keep a trace on how all the changes are put together.

Light room

In Lightroom the presets can be used on several images at once thus making it consume far less time than Photoshop. When taking action with Photoshop you have to carry out each action separately on each photo separately this makes it a lot of work when dealing with a lot of images.

• The workflow is well organized

When creating Lightroom, Adobe combined a bunch of practical features in a single program. When using Lightroom you can easily import images and then go ahead to select some and sort through them, after that you can tag the photos with keywords and organize the collections.

After doing that one can also go ahead and do some raw processing, print the images and create web galleries and even go ahead to share on social media.

• Simpler to learn

Lightroom concentrates on making changes to a whole image at once while Photoshop goes down to pixel level. Because of this feature it is easier to use Lightroom than Photoshop.

• It is not destructive

Lightroom does not alter the original image. Whether it is a raw file, jpeg or jpg, what Lightroom does is save the final product of your editing as a different copy, it does not replace the original image. You never have to worry about saving the edited image over the original one. Lightroom is also cheaper compared to Photoshop.