Is It Necessary To Service Ac Every Year?

An AC is one of the most important appliances to keep your home comfortable. Especially during the hot summer months, it comes in handy to keep the temperatures cool. Also, advanced ACs filter out odors and smoke particles to keep the indoor air clean. When it comes to these appliances, many homeowners ask, “Is it necessary to service AC every year?” The simple answer to this question is YES.

Servicing your AC unit even if it’s working properly is vital to prevent future breakdowns. Let’s look at some reasons why you shouldn’t neglect this crucial maintenance task.

To Save Money on Energy Bills

An air conditioner is made up of parts such as fins, coils, and filters. As time goes by, these parts collect lots of dust and debris. If these parts are not cleaned, they will put stress on your system, which means that it will work much harder to cool your home.


The AC will be less efficient, and your energy bills will go up. During the service, the servicing professional will clean up these parts so that your system runs efficiently. This made end up saving you as much as 15% on your energy bills.

Longer Life for Your AC

When we buy items, we all want them to last for a very long time. However, for them to last, we should take care of and maintain them. This is true even for your AC. A well-maintained AC can last for as long as 10–15 years. A poorly maintained one rarely reaches 7 years.

During the service, the AC expert will conduct ac repair on parts that may be damaged and replace parts that need a replacement.

If these repairs are not handled early, they may lead to total damage on your appliance and force you to replace it earlier than you had expected.

Better Health For You and Your Family

As we mentioned earlier, an air conditioner collects dust over time. If the dust is too much, it will be released into your home and degrade the air quality. This can be dangerous, especially if you or one of your loved ones has respiratory issues such as asthma. By scheduling regular AC service, the technician can clean and sterilize it so that you can breathe freely.


With all these benefits, you’ve seen how necessary it is to service your AC every year or even several times a year. Minor damages are handled early before they graduate into bigger and costly damages, and your appliance remains reliable to function all year without sudden breakdowns.