Are roller shades energy efficient?

In our homes, windows provide the most significant contribution to the loss of energy. Therefore, whenever you think of finding ways that will help in energy conservation, then windows should be among the primary considerations. Besides elegantly presenting your house, window treatments and covers are essential in conserving energy that could have escaped through the window in the form of heat or light.

Roller shades have been popular for a while now and are continuously becoming the current endorsed style. Most homes consider roller shades due to their design as they add an aesthetic look to the house. They also come in different colours and textures and are easy to clean.

Nevertheless, the point at issue would still be, do these roller shades really conserve energy? Well, let us find out.

Under what circumstances do roller shades function?

In the course of the winter, roller shades offer numerous advantages when installed in a house. During the day, the amount of light available is minimal, and hence the shades are rolled up. As a result, the windows allow a considerable amount of light thus you do not require to switch on your lights when the atmosphere seems dull. At night, the weather is cold, and your house needs some warming up.

Roller shades

These shades, which should at the moment be rolled down, provide an insulation effect by trapping some amount of air between the space left from the window pane. In turn, the trapped air acts as an insulator preventing any heat loss thus preserving some energy.

During the summer, the shades can also be essential by providing a comfortable living environment. Firstly, during the day, the roller shades are usually rolled down to block the excessive amount of light entering the room. They also reflect excessive heat that would have only made the room uncomfortable.

However, for a case where you need a lot of heat blocked from entering the house, you have to choose a dull-coloured roller shade. In extreme conditions, you can install an exterior roller shade which will maximise on reflecting more heat.

So, do they conserve energy?

Surely, roller shades are an efficient mode of energy conservation, and it will eventually save you some penny in the long run. However, they may not be quite useful as other methods such as cellular shades would be. So, to gain much from the roller shades, you have to consider several aspects such as the average climate in your locality. Mostly, exterior shades would work best in a place with relatively low temperature, while exterior shades can be mounted in areas with a sweltering environment.


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In conclusion, roller shades would be a perfect solution as it offers a range of other benefits. You can control the amount of light you require by rolling the shades to whatever position you desire. Some of them have textiles that are capable of blocking UV lights which could be harmful to your health. For that reason, you ought to get a roller shade for your house comfort purposes.