What Does The Saying “You Are What You Eat” Mean?

You may be familiar with the expression “You are what you eat.” There are a number of ways in which your food choices make a difference. When you know how important your choices are, you may decide to make some changes.

Food Choices Affect Your Health

There are many factors that influence your health. What you eat is one of the top examples. When you want good health, you need a well-balanced diet.


If you have special concerns, you can choose foods to reflect your concern. Depending on your circumstances, this may mean reducing calories, eating less fat or sodium, or avoiding gluten or sugar. Your health is directly related to the food you put into your body.

Food Choices Affect Your Lifestyle

You can only have a healthy lifestyle if you have a healthy diet. Energy is one of the most important examples. If you do not eat properly, you will not have much natural energy. Your job, family, and recreational activities can all be affected when you are frequently tired, drained, and fatigued.

In contrast, healthy food means more energy for your daily life. When you have plenty of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other sources of nutrition, you will have more energy to enjoy your life. You can be more productive, and have more fun.

Food Choices Affect Your Feelings

Perhaps you have not thought of it before, but the foods you eat affect the way you feel about yourself. Think of how you feel when you skip a good meal and eat some junk food instead. Think of the times you knew you should not eat an unhealthy snack, but craved it and ate it anyway. Perhaps you watch late-night t.v. with a bag of chips, a box of ice cream, or a package of candy.


When you consider a healthier guide to eating, all of this can change. You will see how easy it is to learn about healthy food choices, and make these new choices a part of your everyday life. When you brush aside the junk and choose foods that are good for you, you will feel good about yourself.

Whether you have had an unhealthy diet throughout your life, or recently started bad habits, it is not too late to change. You will love the delicious taste that accompanies nutritious food. You will also love all the positive effects a better diet has in your life.