How To Choose A Motorcycle Helmet?

Motorcycle usage has increased tremendously in most of the countries. For maximum safety, it is vital for one to always wear a motorcycle hard hat every time during motorcycle riding. There are many different types of motorcycle helmets available in the market making it difficult for you to choose the right one for you.

More so, they are expensive making it essential that you purchase the perfect one for your budget, your confidence, and your riding style. This article exclusively goes through how to choose a motorcycle helmet.

Type of Helmet

There are lots of motorcycle types according to style. These include the open face, full face, half helmet, modular, motocross or flip-up. Suppose you want one with the maximum safety, I would recommend the full-face helmet. Though you should choose the style of your preference, you should consider the pros and cons of open-face and full-face hard hat.



Majority of the people love modular hat for its versatility. One can flip it up to get fuel, take photos or do other tasks without having to take it off. However, modular helmets are not highly rated in terms of safety standards. They tend to wear out faster due to the complex hinge mechanism, and they are more substantial as compared to full-face helmets.

Ensure it is Legal

Each country around the world has its helmet standards. The most popular hat standard is the euro standard. For people in the U.S, the helmet needs to be approved by DOT.

It can also have other approvals such as Euro and Snell. Selling helmets that do not meet the right legal standards is an offense. For motorcycle helmets to be sold, it should be convinent for its purpose. This means that when buying a hat for use on the road, you should ensure it is compliant to UNECE 22.05 and AS1698.

The Right Fit

It is not advisable to buy a hard hat from the internet unless you have used the specific model or type before. You should ensure that you go to the helmet store yourself and try out the right choice for you. And don’t just wear it for just a few seconds, stay wearing it on for about half an hour in case of pressure points.


It should be relatively tight with minimal movements when you shake your head. You can inquire whether one is allowed to return the hat suppose they are not comfortable with it. Sample the hard hat to make sure that you buy the right fit.

Helmet Extras

There are some extras that you may consider when comparing different hard hats. Good ventilation prevents fogging. It is hence an extra that you should consider.

You can also search for helmets with a washable or removable internal lining and padding to make your hard hat fresh and long-lasting.


You are now aware of the important factors that you should consider when you go out to choose a bike helmet. A modular hat is the best choice for slow based city riding or in a hot climate. A full-face helmet, on the other hand, will give you the maximum protection and safety.