Why Is It Important For Elderly To Stay Active?

In the past, the elderly were discouraged from doing anything. They were seen as weak and would be taken to a nursing home. However, this attitude has changed a lot right now and the elderly are being encouraged to stay active through various activities such as exercising. People have now realized that being active has lots of benefits to offer not only to the younger generation, but also to the seniors in the society.

Also, doctors are encouraging seniors not to look at just their financial wealth, but also their physical strength.

Benefits of Staying Active For Seniors

Improved Mental Function

One common issue that comes with old age is memory problems. The elderly are at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other mental issues. The best way to combat them is by staying active and involving oneself in various activities.

Senior man talking with his adult sons in garden,

For instance, a combination of mental exercises such as playing games and filling in crosswords can work wonders to keep their memory in shape. Also, physical activity keeps the blood moving and the brain stimulated. You will feel more alert after physical exercise and concentrate better.

Being Active Improves Their Social Life

Having a good social life is another key benefit of staying active for the elderly. Seniors often find themselves in a depressed life especially if they have lost family and friends in the course of their life.

By staying active with things such as exercises, they can bridge that gap and go on to have a socially active life. For instance, walking in groups, gyms, and various other classes helps them get more friends. This minimizes depression, lethargy, and other negative emotional feelings.

Better Health and Well-Being

Staying active with things such as swimming, cycling, and walking increases the flow of blood to the heart and enhances overall welness. As people grow older, they become more prone to various illnesses such as Arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases.

Older woman workout

Staying active from a regular activity is an excellent remedy to help fight these issues. Also, it helps to manage the cholesterol levels in the body. By keeping the right levels, a senior can avoid getting stroke or heart diseases. This will translate to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Being Active Improves Mobility

One major cause of injuries to the elderly is falling. They may fall and break their bones, which may further deteriorate their body. The reason why falling has devastating effects on an elderly is that they have a weakened bone and muscle structure, making it easy to break bones. However, staying active can strengthen their bones and muscles, making them more resistant to fall-related injuries.

Also, due to strong bones, they will be able to move from one place to another confidently and comfortably.

As we have illustrated above, being active is of huge benefits to the elderly. Therefore, if you’re a senior or have one at home, encourage him/her to be active through various activities. Simple exercises such as walking, swimming, jogging or cycling can go a long way in ensuring better health for an older adult.