Do You Still Need Shutters With Impact Windows?

In the recent past, most of the homeowners in Miami and other places that experience storms and massive hurricanes used shutters for protection against storms. With advancement in technology people are now moving out shutters and are now replacing shutters with impact windows.

Many people wonder whether you still need shutters with impact windows in your house, the answer is no you don’t need shutters with impact windows because hurricane impact windows offer adequate protection and to your house and many other benefits as discussed below.

– Hurricane impact windows offer storm protection and therefore no need of shutters.

When you have impact glasses which are correctly installed, you are assured of proper protection for all your interior features of your house.


Hurricane impact glasses are made of two layers of glass and are mounted on a super strong frame which ensures proper protection. It hence very clear that with hurricane impact windows you don’t need hurricane shutters in your house.

– Hurricane impact windows offer proper security, unlike shutters.

Having that the impact windows are made of two layers of glass and that is mounted on a super strong aluminum frame it ensure that no hurricane can break the pane or the frame itself.

On the same note of security, it is wise to replace the hurricane shutters with impact windows as there are more secure against intruders who may break in your house with an ill intention.

– Replace hurricane shutters with impact windows to save money.

When you replace shutters with impact windows, you save on electricity bills as the windows allow natural light to penetrate into the house and also regulates the temperatures inside the house hence saving on warmers.
Impact windows are also better than hurricanes shutters as they are one-time installation hence saving on the cost that is used to replace shutters after every hurricane, consider using impact windows rather than shutters to save money.

– Replace shutters with impact windows to regulate noise.

Window impact

You should not wonder anymore whether it is possible to replace shutters with impact windows. What you should do is to replace shutters with impact windows right away to be able to minimize noise from outside. For those who live along a noisy highway, it is not time to live with distractions what you should do is to install impact windows reduce noise from outside.

– Replacing shutters with Impact windows is very important to be able to control UV rays.

Shutters offers protections against hurricanes and are cheap when compared with impact windows, but they don’t control the UV rays from the sun; hence your interior decorations and artwork may be faded by the UV rays.

To ensure that your interior decoration remains beautiful and smart you should consider replacing hurricanes shutters with impact windows which filters over 90% of UV rays hence protecting the interior of your house from fading.
With the above proper explanation of the benefits of replacing shutters with hurricanes impact windows, what you should do is to do the replacing project right away to stay safe.