How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

If you want to clean windows like a pro, you must have the right tools and equipment required for the work. You can buy these items at your nearby cleaning supplies shop or hardware. As you make your purchase, always insist on high-quality materials and detergents to guarantee an exceptional job.

The items will make your window cleaning job effective, fast and thorough. These are some necessary items you will need to clean windows like a pro;

• Bucket

• Squeegee

• Mop/washer/wand

• Scraper

• Detergent

• Rags/towel

• Poles

• Ladders

• Tool Belts

• Bucket-on-a-belt


• Fill your bucket halfway with cold water and add a sufficient amount of the detergent. You can also opt to put on the detergent directly on the wet mop.

• Use the wet mop to rub onto the window. Make sure you have removed all the dirt on the window. If you realize stubborn marks on the window, use a scraper to clear them. The best way to use the scrapper is to move the blade forward across the stain. Moving the blade backward can cause scratches on the window.

How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

• Hold the squeegee’s handle with your right hand. Make sure your thumb is in the mid-position between the side and the top. You are preparing to achieve the correct angle on the glass. Maintain this angle for the subsequent steps. This angle will afford the needed pressure on the window. You may not get it right in the forts instance, but as you proceed, it will work out. Avoid pressing too lightly since you will not clear all the water, consequently, if you push too hard, moving the squeegee across the window will be challenging. Maintain a constant pressure.

• The left top corner is the best place to start. Hold you squeegee correctly and clean the water from the glass moving downwards. Avoid leaving watermarks as you clean.

• Remember you can’t clean the window without cleaning the edges; use the micro-fiber cloth to clean the edges and any marks left on the glass. Make sure the micro-fiber cloth is dry.

• As you wash the window, some water will split on the floor and the window sill, using a towel wipe up this water.

Use the towel to clean the base of the window frame, avoid using the micro-fiber cloth for the area since it will collect dirt quickly.

• If you realize that the glass still has grubby finger marks or any other marks, use a clean micro-fiber cloth to clear the mark. If this option doesn’t bear fruits, you can start with the mop once more until your windows become sparkling clean.

• Remember to clean the windows on both sides.

How’s the look of your windows now?

This is the basic procedure on how to clean windows like a pro. If you are a learner, it may take time to know how to handle the squeegee correctly, but with time, you will learn the art. Cleaning windows like a pro is a skill that everyone can learn. I hope this information was useful. Share your thoughts on your success.